E no entanto, na humildade do desastre, uma flor nova irrompe — nova. Como a primeira flor ao vento sobre a face da Terra. Porque nós estamos vivos e toda a grandeza assim se nos mantém. Estamos vivos, sabemo-lo. O facho de luz que de nós se projecta, a nós regressa e ilumina — ilumina o que não desejamos destruir.
Vergílio Ferreira in Invocação ao Meu Corpo

Erms (from Catalan) are lands that were explored until they were left with nothing, barren deserts. Erms are also fields that are far from civilization, where life is generated spontaneously, independent of human will.

The starting point for the creation of this project comes during the viewing of the documentary O Sal da Terra by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro, about the photographer Sebastião Salgado. I was struck by the amount of human disaster an individual can witness and the body’s emptying reaction as a result. I was inspired by the decision of individuals to reverse a man-made disaster. I was surprised at how quickly an entire ecosystem can be rebuilt. I was touched by the inner process that can take place in the individual as he cares for and observes the vibrant growth of life that takes place around him.


Erm. A look at human disaster and a body that expands in search of balance.

Lugar deserto. Longínquo. Inabitado. Onde o nada floresce e a vida se encontra, solitária. Trespassados e engolidos pela brutalidade de uma sociedade que não para de crescer, escasseiam lugares ermos. Escasseia espaço. Escasseia tempo. Erm alks about the human disaster and how we stand in the face of it, in an attempt to find a balance. It speaks of responsibility towards the environment around us, towards present and future generations and about what we want to take care of and not destroy. Speak in the feminine. It is ancient and timeless.

Teresa Santos
Technical and artistic-sheet

Conception, direction and interpretation

Teresa Santos

Original music
Jordina Millà

External look and operation

Dídac Gilabert

Light design

Dídac Gilabert and Teresa Santos

Teresa Santos

Scene photography

Nuno Leites

Registo: Cine-Teatro Garrett
Edição: Teresa Santos


Grito imagens / Ventos e Tempestades


Cal Comabella, Balaguer
FIS – Festival Internacional de Solos