Fase dispersa

Public space

Fase dispersa presents itself as an anthropological place: identity, historical and relational, or a place where to confront oneself and meet the other. Part of the desire to tread a path and counteract the dispersion. It is a last cry for life with all the strength that remains and an attempt to touch the untouchable.


In the context of this project, I understand by dispersed phase the object that is in relationship with the body and that causes movement. The manipulation of objects appears as an extension of the body itself and its concerns, placing it in a state or quality of consciousness. Dance appears as a vestige in a rooted body. To what extent do these languages ​​complement or cancel each other out? What is its potential and significance?

Technical and artistic-sheet

Conception, direction and interpretation
Teresa Santos

Original music
Dídac Gilabert

Light design
Dídac Gilabert and Teresa Santos

Photography and video

Scene photography
Nuno Leites

Grito imagens


Trengo Festival de Circo do Porto
Mostra Estufa
Circo na Rúa in Santiago de Compostela