Video dance

El flamenco que bailo es algo doloroso y dramático, introvertido, seco como la tierra yerma.
Antonio Gades


YERMA by Teresa Santos/Grito Imagens is a dance video made from the universe of dancer Antonio Gades.
Between step and step is the floor, a path not necessarily static that collects steps and progress. No step is final destination. The gesture is manifested in the spontaneous exercise of empathy that comes from the desire to listen and absorb everything. The present moment as a container of chaos and multiplicity, the body as a generator of meaning. The end doesn’t exist until (the dance) happens.
With zero potency to be cultivated and an arid activism that only allows the habitat of certain species, the wasteland is a natural space that confronts artifice. Infertile, abundant and essential, it is revolutionary.

Technical and artistic-sheet

Original idea, realization, choreography, interpretation, image capture, sound and editing
Teresa Santos

Philosophical accompaniment
Arnau Mateu

Didac Gilabert

Grito images