A cry is instinctive, it is born inside and manifests itself outside. It stirs particles and, sometimes, changes realities. The cry urges to express what cannot be said otherwise. In the silence of an image, a cry.

Teresa Santos (1985), Vila do Conde. Fascinated by dance and photography from an early age, she is interested in the creation and visual representation of artistic works and the investigation of possible relationships between body and image. She starts at the age of five classical dance classes and in 2007 completes her degree in Dance - Education at the Escola Superior de Dança (IPL). Since then, she has taught in different educational spaces and contexts. She participates in Arsenale della Danza 2010, the Venice Biennale's contemporary dance training program. She has taken part in workshops such as: contact-improvisation with Urs Stauffer and David Santos, choreographic composition with Teresa Prima, photography with Nikos Economopoulos / Magnum Photos and documentary cinema with Patrícia Nogueira, among others. She collaborates as a creator, performer and photographer with different artists and structures, such as: Ismael Ivo, Ventos e Tempestades, Companhia Instável, Teresa Prima, troposfera.xyz, Ana Renata Polónia, Uatumã Fattori, Jean Daniel Fricker, Companhia Erva Daninha and Grua Crua. In 2015, she co-founds FIS, where she is still a programmer and photographer. Since 2016, she has been producing her own work through Grito imagens.